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Kellie Gale (KG)
Kelly Bibica
I don't believe we are all different, I do however believe we may experience stress, anxiety, grief, happiness, etc in different ways, and at different times. Massage can have a huge effect on your body and your mind. Being able to release in a healthy way can prolong relief, increase relaxation, and be more self aware on how we manifest emotions in our bodies.

Some may come in and have an injury, massage is great for rehabilitation. We can plan stretching and strengthening excerises, that are simple enough to do at home. I like to incorporate heat and ice in these massages because our bodies can have a positive response with the two and help the process of the rehabilitation. 
I love the idea of using aroma therapy, warm oils, and detoxing mask to pull out energy and put energy back in. I want to give the full experience, create self-awareness, and self heal. Certain scents can stimilate the body and have a positive effect. It's safe and there is no chemicals involved.
As I pursued to build my business in Davis, Ca. I decided to get into sports massage a bit more. I was able to use my knowledge I already gained, to create a unique sports massage for athletes. I worked on individuals from all ages. Some who did crossfit, aroebics, spin, zumba, i.e. many people who do different activities. This allowed me to be creative and expand my education. I have gained the confidence to provide a variety of modalities for everyone.

I am a Sacramento naitive who moved to the area in August 2015 after I completed a 9 month massage therapy program at Carrington college California in June of 2014. ​​

I immediately fell in love with the people and the positive energy of Davis, Ca. Helping people achieve physical and energetic homeostasis and well-being is my passion in life and I am grateful for every client who allows me to lay my healing hands of them.

I see myself as an intuitive massage therapist and healer who specializes in relieving muscle tightness and tension through a relaxing and therapeutic combination of deep tissue and Swedish massage technique. My grounding and maternal energy allows my clients to fully relax and release. I use this intuition to also pinpoint trigger points and tender areas to bring relief. Come to me with any problem areas, helping you to heal is my passion!

I am experienced in a variety of modalities. Swedish massage and deep tissue/sports massage along with Reflexology on the feet. When I was a lead Therapist at a spa in Folsom, Ca I was blessed with the oppotunity to learn Reiki and Ayurvedic which I still use in my sessions. 
I am also certified to use hot stones and prenatal massages. 

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