Massage in Davis

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Davis, CA 
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Finding What Works for You
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Effleurage a light soothing massage that is for anyone looking for relaxation, it's a series of massage strokes that skim the body head-to-toe. Perfect for prenatal or anyone who doesn't prefer deep pressure.

Deep Tissue is a gradual change in pressure and trajectory. This technique will release tension, and trigger points. It can be full-body or localized.

Reflexoloy can be a great way to become more self aware with what your therapist feels and how your feet coorolates to your body.

Himalayan Salt Stone massages use warm Himalayan stones that are placed in a sequence around the body. In just a few minutes this service can release tension in a full body radius without doing any deep tissue work. Experience a natural detoxification and hydration through out this entire service.

Bodywork can be defined in many ways. Is starts by connecting with the body (compressions, rocking, pressure points, etc). This technique can apply pressure in one area and see how it effects another area. Based on the bodies response, it can create a well rounded massage for the body and mind.