Certified Massage Therapist
Increase your quality of life and get the bodywork you deserve. Massage is a service that will increase relaxation, get rid of stress, and overall improve your well-ness. We have the right techniques that vary in each massage for each individual's preference, which is why we would define ourselves as  bodyworkers. We incorporate deep tissue, range of motion, reflexology, hot stone, stretching, and much more. We believe in listening to the body and being a part of your experience in reaching your ultimate goal. Massage in Davis is ran by two certified massage therapist where we pride ourselves in our work, click on our therapist tab to find out more.
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          Finding what works for you:
Deep Tissue is a gradual change in pressure and trajectory. This technique will release tension, and trigger points. It doesn't necessarily need to be use on the whole body.
Reflexoloy can be a great way to become more self aware with what your therapist feels and how your feet coorolates to your body.
Hot Stone massages use warm Himalayan stones and are placed in a sequence around the body. In just a few minutes this service can release tension in a full body radius without doing any deep tissue work. 
Bodywork can be defined in many ways. Is starts by connecting with the body (compressions, rocking, pressure points, etc). This technique can apply pressure in one area and see how it effects another area. Based on the bodies response, it can create a well rounded massage for the body and mind.